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Point-and-Click Data Collection for Manufacturing Process Management

Real-time production data connected with MES and IT's ERP systems.

PCs and software processes are suited for ERP, but not for the real-time results-oriented world of production.  


Using an MES Gateway Appliance simplifies data collection from factory automation.  The term MES goes back to the 11 functions for a production system developed by Manufacturing Enterprise Solution Association (MESA).  MES on the Production Management Level (ISA-95) maps all of the software processes connecting the Controls & Automation Level with the Enterprise Level.  MES initiatives have been hampered because PCs used in IT are not compatible with Operational Technology (OT) used in an industrial control systems environment.

Click the solutions below to learn how the IIoTA™ opposes PCs and OPC middleware to connect OT devices with IT databases for MES and ERP systems.

Key Performance Indicators for real-time production data

The IIoTA's™ event-based triggers are ideal for the timely publishing of results and deviations.  Condensed data as key performance indicators (KPIs) are an especially useful management tool.

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