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Product workflow using the IIoTA Industrial Internet of Things Appliance

Product workflow has never been easier when using the IIoTA™ edge-based server appliance.


The IIoTA™ is at the lineside meaning it's a distributed database management system.


The basic goal of nearly any industrial IoT implementation is to transfer or move data, usually bidirectionally from the plant floor (OT) to the upstairs systems (IT) or vice versa.

This video features the capability of the IIoTA™ MES platform speaking directly with Banner Engineering's ABR Series of barcode scanners and Ingersoll Rand's Insight QC Driver.

See the list of native drivers.

Communication is the key! What do you need to communicate with in order to implement your IIoT project?

The IIoTA™ MES platforms use smart technology for smooth setup and configuration through the point-and-click nature of the IIoTA™. Users do not need to write code.

For this Industrial IoT Mashup, the IIoTA™ MES platform is controlling a robot!

The cobot (collaborative robot) is running a program. elliTek's IIoTA™ MES platform is tied into the cobot over Ethernet. The IIoTA™ MES platform is communicating directly to the cobot and calling these programs.

Check out the podcast below to hear about edge computing and how manufacturers can use edge computing to save time and resources.

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