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MES Gateways Oppose OPC & IPCs


Industrial PCs on the factory floor suffocate the connection between Operation Technology's (OT) production data and Information Technology's (IT) computer databases.


The Data Commander™ was the world's first MES gateway appliance that communicated across all of a company's information levels (ISA95) without compromising network security or machine availability.


Learn how a dedicated MES gateway appliance transforms the connection between OT and IT systems...

The Data Commander™ line of products is now classified as "Legacy Support Only" and is replaced by the IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance).  The IIoTA™ is the same form factor as the Data Commander™ but with significant upgrades to processing speeds, network speeds, and memory.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) icon

The term Management Execution System (MES) goes back to the 11 functions for a production system developed by Manufacturing Enterprise Solution Association (MESA) at the beginning of the 1990s.

IIoTA - Industrial Internet of Things Appliance
IIoTA™ & the legacy Data Commander™

No need for PCs or middleware for direct, bi-directional communication between devices and database tables.  The devices' and databases' native drivers are used on the IIoTA™ to share real-time OT data and protect IT data integrity.  

System Integration is improved by using the IIoTA
System Integration

Our MES gateway is leveraged to improve our customers' production processes and equipment ROI.  We created the Data Commander™ and improved upon it with the IIoTA™ to help our customers connect OT with IT, without compromising their networks.

MES Gateway to Industry 4.0
MES Gateway to Industry 4.0
Globe - Manufacturing intelligence
MES Gateway for Smart Factory

Enterprise (ERP)

Production Management

Control & Automation

The IIoTA™ is an MES gateway & lineside server appliance that isolates Production Control & Automation networks from Production Management software and Enterprise software (ERP) managed by IT.


Eliminating middleware, OPC, and PCs from the factory floor with the

IIoTA™ delivers manufacturing intelligence to the Production Management & Enterprise Levels (IS95) at an order of magnitude quicker and less costly than previously imagined by Industry leaders.

Business Planning & Logistics

Classification of Terms

Enterprise Scheduling & Management Level (ERP) 

This level compromises the central functions of accounting and finance, sales and marketing, purchasing, and human resources management and generally is represented by an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, in which these functions are mapped.  The core function of an ERP system is finance management (FIM) in which the cash flows of the company are managed and monitored.

Production Management Level (MES) 

The production management level includes product development and actual production.  There are a large number of supporting tools for product development.  For the production process, there is MES - Manufacturing Execution System.  The reliable but cumbersome ERP does not suit the real-time results-oriented world of production.  The dissatisfaction of production with regard to real-time information led to guidelines from MESA at the beginning of the 1990s.

Controls & Automation Level (PLC) 

This level is controlled in automated production by programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other Operational Technology (OT).  The degree of automation of production depends on the quantities produced and the complexity of the tasks.  For automated areas, suitable mechanisms for data exchange must be provided.  The IIoTA™ is an embedded platform that overcomes existing PC-based architectures to communicate with Production Management and ERP systems.


operations & control





Level 3
Level 2, 1, 0
Level 4



ISA95 Functionality Hierarchy Model


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