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OT (Operational Technology) and IT Systems

Point-and-Click OT-IT Communication

The IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance) is capable of connecting PLC memory areas to database tables in minutes without programming knowledge.

The IIoTA™ Lite is the same platform as the Data Commander­™ MES Gateway Appliance.  The software and setup are identical.  The IIoTA™ Lite goes above and beyond the Data Commander™ with significant upgrades to the processing speeds, network speeds, and memory.

Watch the video's point-and-click example of auto-enumeration via ethernet communication between OT's PLC tags/registers and IT's database tables... all via native protocol languages, e.g. DF1 for the ControlLogix PLC and SQL for the database.

IT systems don't have to converge with OT systems to communicate.

Both disciplines manage security, change management, and their data differently.  The discipline of one is in direct conflict with the discipline of the other, so trying to converge OT systems with IT systems raises organizational ownership debates.

Technically, OPC UA unites devices on a unified platform but unfortunately creates organizational conflict.  MES requires a connection between IT's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and OT's automation and controls.  The problem is that IT people "speak" Java, .Net, and other programming languages like ladder programs, SFC (Sequential Function Chart), and function blocks.  OPC connects two different disciplines without considering the conflict of responsibilities.

The IIoTA's™ point-to-point communication bridges the gap between OT and IT systems without PC-based conflicts.  Simple installation as an IP address on the company's network establishes the embedded platform.  Auto-enumerated Inserts, Updates, Selects, and Stored Procedure calls communicate directly to the database, and native protocol drivers provide easy access to all PLC memory areas. 

Traditional organizational conflicts between OT and IT systems
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