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IIoTA™ - changing the way manufacturing is done!

The IIoTA™ Edge Based Appliance has an integrated database server so an industrial IoT system can be configured to operate 100% stand-alone. No enterprise connection is needed. In addition, the IIoTA's integrated hardened gateway provides a highly secure platform that is adverse to malware and cybersecurity attacks.


Check out elliTek's IIoT video channel for How-To-Tutorials. Keep in mind that the IIoTA™ is the same form factor as elliTek's Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance but with significantly upgraded processing speeds, network speeds, and memory.

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The Workbench Interface is what's needed to operate your IIoTA™ MES Appliance. This application is embedded onto the IIoTA™ firmware can also be used on a desktop computer for trial.

The zip folder will need to be extracted to your C drive.

IIoTA Workbench software icon
Workbench v. 20.1.5
IIoTA Lite Quick Start Guide
IIoTA MES Appliance Quick Start Guide
IIoTA™ Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide is your 1-2-3-Run Instructions to connect your devices (i.e. PLCs & machines) to databases on the Enterprise side (i.e. SQL) in minutes!

DB2 Quick Start
DB2 Quick Start Guide icon
DB2 Client & Quick Start Guide

Run and install the DB2 Client on your PC. After installation, your IIoTA Manager™ software will be ready to connect to the IIoTA DB2 Database.

Download the DB2 Guide for instructions to connect the DB2 database on your IIoTA™ MES Appliance.

Communicate with your DBA for help using the database.

Instruction Manual
IIoTA™ MES Appliance Instruction Manual icon
IIoTA™ Instruction Manual

The IIoTA™ MES Appliance manual is a searchable PDF that delves into the management and development tools for the Workbench software and into the common design patterns for the IIoTA™ to communicate directly with sensors or devices.

This manual does not include instructions for setting up the DB2 database.

Reset IP Addresses
Reset icon for the IIoTA™ MES Appliance
Reset IP Addresses

This guide shows how to reset the IIoTA™ MES Appliance IP address assignments to the factory default settings without compromising existing programs and settings.

Product Registration
MES Product Registration icon
Product Registration

Register your IIoTA™ MES Appliance with elliTek, Inc. by clicking the product registration button below.

By registering your IIoTA™, you will receive product updates and notices.

Product Warranty
MES Product warranty icon
Product Warranty

Read the warranty for elliTek's MES Platform products by clicking the button below.

Any questions, please call elliTek, Inc. at (865) 409-1555.

IIoTA™ Resource Request

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